High Tensile Strength
Elevator Belts



High Tensile Strength Elevator Belts

We provide Elevator Belts in any length and thickness suitable for all elevators.

Elevator Belts

Flat belts produced with a special technique and on which elevator buckets are attached are called elevator belts. These belts are produced with a different system compared to conveyor belts. As with conveyor belts, these belts do not have a rubber coating on them, so the carcass material used is very special. Since the holes drilled on the elevator belts to connect buckets will reduce the strength in the belt, the belts made are manufactured by calculating the strength according to the length of the belt. Our Millpart sales service will recommend you the most suitable elevator belt for your elevator belt needs.

Desired Size

It can be made in the dimensions you want from 80 mm wide to 1000 mm wide, at the same time it can be sent with holes according to the bucket mounting dimensions.


  • Food Compliance
  • EP Featured
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Weather Resistance
  • Flame Delayer
  • Closed Edge
  • Nitrile

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