Sıyırıcı Padıl

Abrasion, Impact and Acid Resistant
Chain Conveyor Skids


Scraper Pad

The most important issue for chain service life is the chain slides.

It is manufactured in two different ways as rotational and linear.

PE-PA and Thermoplastic Material

The chain slides are used to determine the working direction of the workpiece carrier by preserving the direction of the workpiece. The chain slides produced in Millpart contribute to the silent operation of the system. Chain slides made of PE-PA and other thermoplastic materials, together with their extraordinary features such as high wear resistance, impact resistance and acid resistance, provide prolongation of the life of the parts of the system it guides. It is manufactured in two different ways as rotational and linear.

Chain Conveyor Slides

Chain slides support the chains used or transfer the roller chain load being applied in conveyor and transport systems. The chains used with the chain slides have a very long service life. We use the chain slides we manufacture from PE-1000/UHMW-1000 material to fix the stainless and galvanized carbon steel C-profile models to the conveyor and to protect the chains in the system.

By any measure

As Millpart, we produce all kinds of special chains based on samples and technical drawings.

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